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There are many steps a homeowner can take to help prevent termites from infesting their property. Most importantly, a homeowner should eliminate or reduce moisture in and around their home, which termites need to thrive. Here are some other tips:

• Divert water away from your home’s foundation by installing properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.

• Reduce humidity in crawl spaces with proper ventilation.

• Trim vines, hedges and other vegetation to prevent them from blocking vents. 

• Remove old form boards, grade stakes, tree trunks and roots near a building, as they may
attract termites.

• Maintain an 18-inch gap between soil and any wood portions of your home.

• Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and 5 inches off the ground. Check it
for pests before bringing it indoors.

• Routinely inspect the foundation of your home for signs of termite damage.

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