A Couple Finds A Scorpion Within A Box Of Sainsbury’s Blackberries In The UK

Nobody likes a scorpion in his/her package of store-bought blackberries, but this is exactly what one UK citizen, James Green, received after purchasing a box of blackberries from the popular supermarket known as Sainsbury’s. Major corporations, like Sainsbury’s, do not like admitting to the existence of potentially dangerous arthropods within their product packages, but managers working at a Sainsbury’s in Wigan had no choice but to admit guilt after being confronted with the scorpion-contaminated product. In response to this unfortunate discovery, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson has announced an investigation into the matter.

After finding a scorpion with its pincers and stinger still attached within a box of Sainsbury’s-brand blackberries, James Green and his wife placed the specimen within a plastic container. The scorpion was only a few centimeters in length, and James is guessing that it originated in Mexico, as the blackberries contained within the package were grown and packaged within the country. James had eaten almost every blackberry from the package before realizing that it contained a scorpion. Luckily, the scorpion was dead, otherwise James would likely have sustained a sting. However, in most cases, arthropods die while being transported within shipments of food products, as the absence of a nourishing environment makes even the hardiest of arthropod species, like scorpions, ill suited for overseas transport.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson claimed that it is incredibly rare for customers to find arthropods within their Sainsbury products, and the customer who recently found a scorpion in a box of blackberries had been approached with a generous offer of goodwill for his trouble. However, Green claimed that this “gesture of goodwill,” as the Sainsbury’s spokesperson put it, consisted of a compensation offer of 15 pounds. Unfortunately, James and his wife did not become rich as a result of this incident, but they could have asked for more than 15 pounds.

Have you ever encountered a terrifying arachnid only to learn that it was dead?

Rising Temperatures Are Driving Scorpions Into Texas Homes Much To The Horror Of Residents

Most Americans do not have to worry about scorpion encounters, but if you live within America’s southwest region, then you know that you are not one of these lucky individuals. Scorpions are well represented throughout the southwest, and they are responsible for sending many people to the hospital each year. Every summer, residents of the southwest US are forced to keep on the lookout for scorpions. During the summer’s hottest periods, scorpions seek respite from the heat by invading people’s air conditioned homes. Sometimes, scorpion populations can be large enough to concern public health officials, and this seems to be the case this year in certain regions of Texas. Recently, the government of Texas warned residents about the scorpions that they will soon be finding within their homes.Waco Scorpion Control

Officials working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have issued warnings to residents concerning scorpion migrations into people’s homes. The department posted a picture of a local scorpion mother with numerous babies traveling on its back. The scorpion in the picture was found on the front porch of a residential home in Austin. The department posted this picture to its Facebook page in order to alert the public of the current scorpion threat. As you can imagine, the photo did manage to capture the attention of citizens living all over the US. So far, the scorpion photo has been shared by well over 8,000 Facebook users. In addition to the photo, the department posted a caption beneath the photo explaining how frequently scorpions invade homes. This message has proven effective, as the post has received many responses from horrified Facebook users living in Texas and elsewhere.

Unlike most other arachnid species, scorpions are fussy about their environmental conditions. A scorpion’s internal temperature must remain at a stable level in order for them to survive the summer heat. This means that scorpions regularly invade homes during heat waves as a survival necessity.

Have you ever encountered a scorpion mother with its own brood within an indoor area?