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Amazon Is Selling A Therapeutic Scorpion Venom That Has Been Used With Success In Cuba For Several Years

Many cultures around the world regard certain types of scorpion venom as an effective form of medicine for treating a variety of conditions. The medicinal value of scorpion venom is no longer being dismissed as an ineffective type of alternative medicine by western medical researchers, as this blog has already described how western researchers are developing venom-based cancer treatments. However, scorpion venom has been traditionally used to treat numerous medical conditions, not just cancer. Western researchers remain skeptical when it comes to the effectiveness of scorpion venom at-treating a wide range of medical maladies. Due to this skepticism on the part of American medical researchers, the United States is trailing other countries when it comes to the development of venom-based medicines. For example, for nearly a decade in the island country of Cuba, pharmaceutical drugs containing scorpion venom have been manufactured and prescribed to thousands of Cuban citizens in order to effectively treat a variety of medical conditions. The key to Cuba’s success with venom-based drugs is due to their access to a native scorpion species that does not exist anywhere except for the Caribbean and Central America. This scorpion species is commonly known as the blue scorpion, and its venom is of unique value for treating inflammation, pain, arthritis and possibly tumors.

Since 2011, the Cuban pharmaceutical firm Labiofam has been using venom from the blue scorpion species to develop a homeopathic medicine called Vidatox. According to Labiofam’s Business Director, Carlos Alberto Delgado,Vidatox sales have been increasing by 10 percent annually, and the drug is also being sold in 15 different countries worldwide. The company is currently negotiating to have the drug marketed in China. In Cuba, the tens of thousands of citizens who take the drug pay no more than one dollar for a prescription,but in other markets, the cost of Vidatox is often one hundred times this amount. For example, if Americans want a bottle of Vidatox, they will have to pay 140 dollars for a months supply on Amazon. Numerous Cubans also stand by the medicinal value of blue scorpion venom for treating cancerous tumors.

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Blood-Sucking Insects Were Spreading Malaria While Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

Malaria is the deadliest type of mosquito-borne disease, and they have been killing humans for a very long time. The earliest recorded instances of malaria infection date back four thousand years, and Hippocrates described malaria symptoms as early as the fourth century BCE. In fact, it was malaria-carrying mosquitoes that wiped out the earliest city-state populations that existed in ancient Greece. While malaria-carrying mosquitoes have been well known killers for centuries, recent research suggests that the earliest humans were likely vulnerable to malaria since their emergence around 150 to 200 thousand years ago. As it turns out, even the earlier hominid ancestors of modern humans likely suffered outbreaks of malaria, as studies on amber-preserved mosquitoes and ticks show that malaria-carrying mosquitoes existed 100 million years ago, which is when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

It is extremely rare to find flimsy and soft-bodied insects like mosquitoes preserved within amber fossils. It is even more rare for researchers to identify the disease causing pathogens and parasites in the blood that these mosquitoes had collected millions of years ago. According to George Poinar of Oregon State University, there exists five unique areas of the world where well-preserved amber fossils can be found. These fossils date back 100 million years, and in some cases, even before that. These special fossil beds exist within the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Baltic region of Europe, Canada and Myanmar.

Poinar collected several of these well preserved fossils and found that the blood-meals collected by these mosquitoes 100 million years ago still contained identifiable disease causing pathogens. One fossilized mosquito that existed 100 million years ago was found to have malaria-causing pathogens within its blood meal. Based on this finding as well as other forms of evidence, Poinar believes that early mosquitoes transmitted malaria to the earliest vertebrate animals that existed on earth.

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