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Airline Food May Contain Cockroaches!? Waco Roach Control

Airlines are not popular for the meals that are served during flights. Airline food is notorious for being less than ideal, or simply bad. There are likely already a number of legitimate complaints that can be made against the quality of airline food. It seems that airline food cannot get any worse than it already is, right? Actually, airline food may be even more repellent than you think as inspectors have found several issues with the production of these notoriously bad foods. In November of 2017, a popular airline food supplier named Gate Gourmet found listeria in one of their Los Angeles airport kitchens. In response to this finding, several airlines suspended their business dealings with the food supplier. The listeria finding prompted inspections by the FDA. These inspections were conducted within Gate Gourmet’s catering facility in Kentucky. The inspectors revealed that the company had been flouting many laws related to food manufacturing. Specifically, the foods produced at the facility had been exposed to unsanitary and even filthy conditions. What is perhaps most alarming is the company’s failure to prevent their foods from being exposed to numerous cockroaches.

It goes without saying that food producers have a duty to keep their food products sanitary in order to prevent food-borne disease epidemics. Inspectors determined that Gate Gourmet had done little if anything to prevent food contamination from cockroaches. The inspectors found a live cockroach within an oven and another near a dishwasher. Both cockroach nymphs and adults were found dead and in piles behind and within some kitchen appliances. These dead roaches were too numerous for the inspectors to count and many were also located around kitchen floor drains. Cockroach fecal matter was even found near sinks where dishes are sanitized. Past pest inspection reports revealed a long-lasting and heavy cockroach infestation that company officials failed to have eradicated. So the next time you are given a choice between steak and fish during a plane trip, you may want to go with your own prepacked lunch.

Do you think that Gate Gourmet deserves to go out of business for flagrantly disobeying food processing laws that concern insect pests? Contact us today for a Waco Cockroach Control Inspection. 

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