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Raccoons Can Behave Aggressively Toward Humans Even When They Are Not Infected With Rabies

While raccoons may prefer to nest within certain structures on residential properties, such as in sheds, garages and beneath decks, the nocturnal animals make every effort to avoid being spotted by nearby humans. This is why raccoons are rarely brazen enough to invade a home where their presence would become immediately noticed by a home’s […]

Landlord Of Rat-Infested Texas Home Says That Tenants Are Responsible For Eradicating The Animals

Whenever there is an infestation situation in rented homes, there will inevitably be problems between the landlord and tenant in regards to who is responsible for eradicating the pests. No one wants to deal with ridding a home of a pest infestation and the cost that comes along with it. One family in Houston, Texas […]

An Infestation Of 50,000 Bees Turned A Texas Home Into A Honey Palace

Not long ago, a study conducted by North Carolina researchers found that insects and spiders exist within all homes. While failing to keep sanitary living conditions will most certainly attract unwanted bugs, the study found that even the most immaculate homes contained sizable arthropod populations. Considering the results of this study, it is no wonder […]

A Rabid Bat Fell Out Of A Student’s Pocket Amidst Public Health Warnings About The Presence Of Rabid Bats Around Texas

The abundance of bats within the state of Texas gives some residents the creeps, and this is understandable, as the airborne critters spread rabies to humans and they often appear within homes in the state. There exists 33 documented bat species inhabiting Texas, most of which do not dwell near human living conditions. However, of […]

Cricket Outbreaks In Texas Can Bring The Insects Into Your Home

Most people understand crickets to be non-threatening insects that can hop and make chirping sounds. Any further knowledge concerning the nature of these insects is considered superfluous to your average citizen. After all, crickets are not a significant part of anyone’s life. Well, for most people this is true, but for some residents of Texas, […]

A Family Became Speechless After Finding Three Raccoons In Their Home After The Animals Crashed Through Their Ceiling 

Raccoons may be cute, but they can do more than simply spread trash around your lawn while scavenging during the late night hours. Of course, raccoons are well known for seeking shelter within uninhabited areas of a home, such as beneath decks, in garages and in crawl spaces. It is not uncommon for raccoons to […]