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A Teenager’s Muscles Rapidly Broke Down After Sustaining 700 Stings From Killer Bees

Africanized honey bees, or killer bees, pose a significant public health threat in South America, Central America, Mexico and the southwest United States. In the country of Brazil, where American killer bee populations originated over 70 years ago, nearly 14,000 killer bee incidents occurred during 2015, of these incidents, 39 human deaths were recorded. The […]

Spiders That Kill Snakes, And Other Arthropods That Kill And Consume Large Animals

There are plenty of videos online that show spiders and insects battling other spiders and insects. These videos fascinate many people who were not aware of the great physical strength possessed by some seemingly defenseless arthropod species. The most significant show of strength among arthropod species can be seen in videos that feature a spider […]

Cockroaches Did Not Exist In The United States Until 400 Years Ago, But More Species Are Being Introduced Regularly

Cockroaches are among the hardiest of all insect species, and they did not even exist in North America until 1625 when they were brought to the continent from their native Africa. However, the introduction of different cockroach species into North America has been occuring ever since then. In just the past decade, several new cockroach […]

How Many Bee Stings Does It Take To Kill A Human?

How Many Bee Stings Does It Take To Kill A Human? And What Is The Record For The Highest Number Of Bee Stings Sustained By An Individual? The number of bee stings that can be sustained before dying from an allergic reaction to the venom or from the toxic effects of venom vary significantly depending […]

Few People Are Aware That The Oldest Tarantula In Recorded History Was Brutally Murdered By A Wasp Last Year

Most people probably assume that small arthropods don’t live long lives. Of course, arthropods comprise the vast majority of all animal species currently on earth, and their lifespans vary dramatically. The general lifespan of a spider covers a greater period of time than the general lifespan of an insect. House spider species vary in lifespan […]

How Are Insects And Spiders Trained To Perform In Movies And TV?

How Are Insects And Spiders Trained To Perform In Movies And TV?  We have all seen movies and TV shows that feature creepy insects or arachnids. In many cases, creepy-crawlies are created on the big screen by resorting to computer generated imagery. In movies that were made before computer graphics were in use, robotic insects […]

Waco Ant Control Tips! | iPest Solutions

Of all the U.S. ant species, carpenter ants and fire ants pose the most risks for homeowners. Carpenter ants excavate wood in order to build their nests, which can compromise a home’s structural soundness, and fire ants in the southern US and California can inflict painful stings in high numbers that can cause anaphylactic shock […]